The future of the armoured door: smart electromechanical locks.

Technology is increasingly an integral part of our daily lives. We live in the digital age and now we are used to managing our needs through the internet, mostly from our smartphone. Security systems such as the armoured doors are also gradually adapting to this model of development, integrating increasingly sophisticated technologies, particularly in the field of smart electromechanical locks.

 At Bauxt, we are very attentive to the evolution of these new technologies. For smart electromechanical locks we rely on our partner ISEO, who just this year celebrates 50 years of activity.


ISEO’s X1R electromechanical locks

ISEO’s X1R is an electromechanical lock designed specifically for the installation on armoured doors. It is available in templates to apply and thread, and is interchangeable with the most common mechanical locks for armoured doors. Simple electrical connections or the battery – powered version makes the installation extremely easy. The latch takes place automatically when the door is closed partially.

For the opening you can choose several solutions: with transponder, which on demand can contain the key which allows the opening closer to the reader placed on the door; with a mechanical key, which ensures the drive even in the event of no power supply; with PIN code, which can be typed on a numeric keypad; remote, button or radio control.

X1R is certified according to EN 14846:2008 with classification 3X9E0P713.

Smart version X1R electromechanical locks: absolute convenience with the ARGO App

The Smart version of the X1R lock makes access even more convenient and comfortable. Armoured doors with X1R Smart can be managed and opened with any Bluetooth Smart Ready smartphone, both iOS and Android, with ISEO’s Argo App. Thanks to Bluetooth Smart technology, the armoured door can also be opened from a distance of 10 meters. In addition, via Argo App you can manage access intuitively on your smartphone, without any need for additional software or internet connection. It allows you to decide which people to enter into certain environments, also defining specific days. 

Access can therefore be guaranteed even temporarily. You can add, delete, or change access permissions for ap to 300 users. The user list can also be transferred from one port to another. Argo app also allows you to view the history of the last 1000 events detected on each including access, with date and time, but also attempts to access unauthorised.

Also, one detail not to be overlooked, the Argo App is completely free, as all updates that are released are free to update the security of the app or to fix any bugs.

Thanks to the Argo App, the X1R Smart armoured door lock can be opened not only from smartphones, but also from the Apple Watch (Series 3 and Series 4). More recently, a fingerprint reader, which integrates biometric fingerprint authentication, has been launched on the market. The biometric credential is very secure and easy to use: it cannot be loaned, stolen or forgotten and it is impossible to copy it.

The X1R Smart can be supplied with an RFID reader that also includes a keypad. In this way you can also use from 4 to 14 character PIN codes to open the armoured door.  Other compatible opening devices are RFID credentials that can be ISEO’s cards, tags or transponders or MIFARE cards and tags.

The X1R Smart is also available in the Single Action version: this version allows you to totally release all bolts in a single movement (retracting the throws with the door closed). This allows a user inside the property to quickly open the door by simple pressing the handle, similar to the function of a panic bar. This feature is also called “panic” because it is suitable for installations in combination with emergency exit devices.

Electromechanical locks of the X1R Smart armoured doors can also be integrated with home automation systems.

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