Developing flexible and customised solutions

Bauxt believes that there is no security without flexibility of design and construction. Each and every Bauxt door is custom-designed, selecting the most appropriate structure, features and size for the location and context where it will be used, whether it is a classic, modern, traditional, or contemporary environment, for residential homes or commercial locations.

The experience, the focus and the specialization of our company allow us to produce both modern, minimalistic doors with the cleanest lines, as well as classic armoured doors, painstakingly designed to be used in conservation areas and seamlessly t in historic, listed and traditional buildings.

The structure

Single or double leaf doors, glass inserts, outsized leaves, large or small glass inserts: Bauxt’s flexibility starts with the structure of the door, which can be freely chosen based on your specific requirements, personal taste and the characteristics of the property.

Materials and colours

Each Bauxt armoured door is created unique. We do not believe in mass production. Personalization always includes choosing materials and colours: Bauxt has never stopped working to innovate and experiment, offering not only the widest range of lacquers and wood veneers, but also the most innovative and new materials, from glass to cement, from Corten steel to ceramics, freely selectable for the interior and exterior surfaces of the door.


Inserting glass panes enhances the aesthetics of the armoured door and improves the internal lighting of the property. The glazing may be located above the door leaf (transom), to the side on a fixed panel (sidelight) or integrated in the leaf (doorlight). To ensure security, Bauxt uses different types of glass to provide the requested level of intrusion protection, bulletproof performance, as well as sound and heat insulation.

Security glazing is classified in accordance with Standard EN 356 based on two types of tests: steel ball test and axe test. Bauxt normally uses security glazing class P7B. In thermal insulation kits, glazing class P5A is normally used, with class P7B available upon request.

Available structures

Single leaf / Double leaf / Glazed sidelight / Glazed transom / Arch top door light