F1 armoured door

  • REI 60 RE 60 CNVVF/CCI/UNI 9723 (Valid in Italy only)
  • Patented Roll hinges
  • Opening up to 180°
  • Adjustable on 3 axes and diagonally
  • Maximum ease of installation and maximum performance without sacrificing security
  • LA standard: 800-850-900×2100 mm / Max. single leaf: from LA 900×2100 to LA 1032×2309 + from LA 900×2100 to LA 768×2309 + from LA 900×2100 to LA 1032×1900 + from LA 520×1760 to LA 900×2100

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Burglar resistance

Not available.


Not available.


UD= 2.3 W/m²K with wood-based 7 mm panels.

Fire door

REI 60 RE 60 CNVVF/CCI/UNI 9723 – Valid in Italy only.

Note: Product subject to severe limitations. Available only with solid leaf, push open inward. Only smooth 7 mm panels with 7 mm chipboard support for interiors may be installed, standard wooden panel holders. The following options may not be installed: door opening limiter, electric strike, oxy edging, intrados and or edge trims, door thresholds. Installation with visible frame is not permitted. For any other variable, please contact the manufacturer.

The Roll hinge.
Perfect fitting.

The time-tested Roll hinge (patented by Bauxt) is adjustable on three axes (height, width and depth) as well as diagonally to ensure perfect hanging of the door even in the toughest installation conditions, and achieve the ideal performance with perfect aesthetic results. The door can open up to 180 degrees. Visible hinges, lacquered in the same colour as the frame. 14 mm steel pin with recessed double ball. Lab-certified tensile strength at break of 1000kg per hinge. Cycles – 30 years of recorded historical usage of the product.

F1 model


Cylinder lock with Duo anti-drill and anti-bumping cylinder (class 2), with internal knob, protected by anti-drill and anti-pipe defender (class 4).
11 securing points: 6 moving points, 1 spring latch, 4 fixed hinge bolts.
Key system: 1 recodable installation key (not uni ed) + 3 master keys with Security Card.