Basic armoured door

A solid base

  • Burglar resistance class 3
  • Basic visible hinges
  • Opening up to 180°
  • Adjustable on 2 axes
  • LA standard: 800-850-900×2100 mm e LA: 800-850-900×2000 mm

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Burglar resistance

Class 3 UNI EN 1627.


Not available.


UD= 1.1 W/m²K with wood-based 7 mm panels. UD= 1.4 W/m²K with internal wood-based 7 mm panel and external wood-based 16 mm panel (without EPS). Up to LA 900×2100.

Air, water, wind

2/npd/5C up to LA 900×2100.

Basic hinge.
Simple and effective.

The Basic hinge can be adjusted on 2 axes (height and width) and allows up to 180° opening of the door. Visible hinges, lacquered with the same colour of the frame on Junior model, and visible hinges with white or brown hinge cover caps on Basic model.
14 mm steel pin with single recessed ball. Tensile strength at break of 500kg per hinge. Cycles – 30 years of recorded historical usage of the product.

Basic model


Cylinder lock with Basic anti-drill cylinder (class 1), with internal knob, protected by anti-drill and anti-pipe defender (class 4).
12 securing points: 6 moving points, 1 spring latch, 1 opening limiter, 4 fixed hinge bolts.
Key system: 1 recodable installation key (not unified) + 3 master keys with card.