Armoured door management: 6 advices for conscious use (and not to be locked out of the house!)

The armoured door is a security device that we purchase to protect our business, our home and our loved ones.

As a security device, the armoured door is designed to implement locking strategies that, if you don’t take the right precautions, could cause us some unexpected event such as the great classic “remain locked out of the house.”

So, what are the steps to follow for proper management of the armoured door?

Below we have identified 6 practical advices for conscious use.

1. A flawless installation is the starting point

The armoured doors are solid and impregnable, as long as they are installed correctly! Mounting the frame, fixing to the wall, balancing, adjusting the hinges, are all operations that need to be performed with a lot of precision by competent and specialized technician. In addition to these operations, solidity is also very important because it determines the robustness, durability and proper operation of the armoured door. We recommend you to control the progress of the process and report any doubts inaccuracies to the technicians immediately. 

2. Deliver a duplicate key to a trusted person

Maybe it is a trivial advice, but if you ever got locked out of the house, you can certainly understand how good it is. Entrust a copy of the keys to a relative friend or if you are in the confidence with your neighbour, is always a winning move. A life-saving precaution that can get you out of the embarrassment over time of a phone call (and will save you an emergency intervention.) 

3. Preserve the cylinder ownership card

Preserve the cylinder ownership card is very important. It will allow you to create a duplicate of the key in case of loss. This way you don’t have to replace the entire lock. We give you an advice: don’t keep the key in your house, you may not be able to reach it when you really need it. It is better to give the duplicate of the key to the person you trust or keep it in a safe at the bank.

4. A watchful eye for the little ones

Easier said than done. It is very important to have extra attention when there are children that using the armoured door. You have to make sure that they use it correctly, explaining to them the precautions to be put into practice to avoid inconveniences. If the children are too small for explanations than you have to choose a key-key cylinder or clutched key-key. The fundamental feature of this type of cylinder for armoured locks is the ability to function in the same way from the two sides, but above all to be able to insert and operate the key even if there is another one already inserted on the opposite side. This different configuration is very suitable for children, as you can close the door from the inside and remove the key, preventing any “escapes” of small enterprising explorers.

5. Perform periodic maintenance

Have you missed our blog article on the subject? So, it is the right time to recover. You can find out what are the 4 simple steps to do to keep the armoured door in perfect condition over time and maintain the level of security. We also recommend you to consult and to follow the instructions you will find in the manual that is delivered to you along with the armoured door.

6. Finally, if it happens, don’t be hasty

In the unfortunate hypothesis that, despite all the precautions, you happen to be locked out of the house late at night or during the weekend, don’t rush to request emergency intervention. In fact, if the emergency room doesn’t have a comfortable time to work, or if firefighters intervene it cannot be expected that the damage to the door will be minimized. Unfortunately, often, as a result of these hasty interventions the door is so damaged that it has to be replaced. In these particular cases, therefore, it may be wiser to spend the night with a relative or friend, or even at the hotel, to turn to care at regular times. This solution could save you the cost of emergency, repairs or even port replacement, with all the inconveniences attached. A diligent but planned intervention will instead allow technicians to work quietly, and put in place all precautions to avoid or minimize damage to your armoured door.


Probably many of you try to remember where they hid the cylinder ownership card, or they’re thinking it would be time to make a duplicate of the key to be handed to your friend or neighbour. Unfortunately and inevitably, among the thousand work and family commitments certain things go into the background, especially if they don’t fall under the priorities that are essential. We can ensure you that by following our advice you will take this article very gratefully when you are locked out of the house.