For security reasons

“Just like in nature sea urchins protect their valuable and precious living core inside, so Bauxt armoured doors keep your home and your loved ones safe and secure.”


Developing flexible and customised solutions

Bauxt believes that there is no security without flexibility of design and construction. Each and every Bauxt door is custom-designed, selecting the most appropriate structure, features and size for the location and context where it will be used, whether it is a classic, modern, traditional, or contemporary environment, for residential homes or commercial locations.

The experience, the focus and the specialization of our company allow us to produce both modern, minimalistic doors with the cleanest lines, as well as classic armoured doors, painstakingly designed to be used in conservation areas and seamlessly t in historic, listed and traditional buildings.


Ensuring security. It’s a question of class

The security of an armoured door is assessed by a resistance class speci ed by the international standard UNI EN 1627.


Bauxt is safety, design, quality and customization

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