Plank armoured door

Purity shapes technology

  • Burglar resistance class 3
  • Hinges adjustable on 3 axes
  • External LED edge lighting and fixed external handle with courtesy LED lighting upon request
  • Plastered or aluminium-clad intrados with LED
  • No visible screws
  • LA standard: 800-850-900×2100 mm / Max. single leaf LA: 1000×2600 mm / Maximum available LA: 1000×3050

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Bauxt has calculated the CO2 footprint of its Plank products for the purchase of carbon credits and offset the emissions into the atmosphere that have been generated..

With Plank the armoured door is enriched with new functions to interact with its users. The inner edges of the intrados may be enhanced by a bright LED perimeter which is turned on manually or automatically using a proximity sensor. Likewise, the handle can also illuminate with LED lights to help you find the keyhole as soon as it detects the proximity of the user.


I wanted the door to become a design element with a strong personality, able to give a precise identity to the interiors of the house. Plank was created to celebrate the theatrical aspect of the door: Not a mere passageway to the outside, but a design element in its own right that gains independence from the wall to become a main character in the play and extend over three full dimensions, redrawing the space and the balance of the volumes around it.”.
Giuseppe Bavuso


Burglar resistance

Class 3, optionally extendible as per UNI EN 1627 (from LA 688×2108 to LA 946×2898 – if necessary, specify required certification at time of order).


RW=37dB, upgradeable to RW=39dB with sound-proofing threshold. Up to LA: 1000×2600


UD=1.4 W/m²K with wood-based panels.

Air, water, wind

2/npd/5C for single leaf. Upon request for version with glazed transom.

Plank hinges.
Visible hinges that become a design element.

Plank concealed hinges become a decorative element with a specially designed cover which remains visible when the door is closed.
The hinge is adjustable on 3 axes (height, width and depth).
Door opening up to 160 degrees. Concealed hinges with covers visible with door closed in silver or brown finish (matching internal handle), visible with door open with silver or brown finish (matching aluminium frame trims).

Plank is the celebration of the stage presence of the door

With Plank, the armoured door gains conceptual independence from the wall and becomes a three- dimensional volume: A framework that defines the space and takes absolute ownership of its leading role.
Plank is the celebration of the stage presence of the door: The cleanliness and the integrity of its lines are its fundamental essence and the strength of its communicative power.

Plank model


Cylinder lock with ExperT anti-drill and anti-bumping cylinder (class 2), with internal knob, protected by flush, anti-drill and anti-pipe defender (class 4).
8 securing points: 5 moving points, 1 spring latch, 2 fixed hinge bolts
Key system: 3 master (no installation key) with Security Card.