How to choose the best armoured door

When we have to buy an armoured door there can be doubts and insecurities, especially if we don’t know the sector. Here is an overview of the essential aspects and the most important characteristics to consider in order to choose the best armoured door for your needs.

What is the right price for an armoured door? There is no one-sort of answer: probably there is a reason if the product costs more. The reason very often hides behind the thicknesses of sheet used, the quality of the components and the care in the details, things that you can not notice. When are evaluating different armoured doors various elements must be taken into
consideration. Let’s see wich ones.

Burglar resistance classes

To choose the best armoured door we start from security: but how do we establish how safe a security door is? Simple, just check which burglar resistance class has been assigned. Burglar resistance classes of armoured doors are a categorization of security fixtures that is established by the rules regime (UNI EN 1627). These rules provide that the door is subjective to a series of tests (UNI EN 1628, UNI EN 1629, UNI EN 1630) that differ in the type of instruments and time used for the break-in attempt. Depending on how the door responds an anti-burglary class is assigned to it. Today in Italy the minimum class accepted for a sucurity door is 3, which lends itself, for example, to condominium flats.

Class 4 is suitable for detached or isolated houses, while class 5 is recommended for attics, jewelers or even panic room.

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The insulation: thermal, noise, from the air, from the wind

Evaluate aspects related to thermal insulation, noise insulation, wind and water resistance is really important when we evaluate the best armoured door to buy.

Both the isues related to savings, both for living confort.

In fact, a perfectly insulated armoured door ensures energy savings by avoiding heat loss and safeguards against unwanted drafts, noises and smells, especially in the case of homes or offices overlooking particularly busy road.

Let’s not forget that choose to install an armoured door certified according to current regulations also allows you to benefit from tax deductions concerning energy savings.

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Choose the lock: set your own usage requirements

The lock of the armoured door is crucial to understand which is the best armoured door for your needs. There are various types designed to ensure different levels of security, but also designed according to the specific needs of the owners, depending on whether they are private homes or work facilities. In fact, there are locks for the armoured doors that allow you to have keys for the service personnel, whose access can be enabled or blocked thanks to the main key (usually double two-cylinders locks). By choosing an electromechanical lock we can regularly record accesses thanks to the cards that replace the keys, an ideal solution for personnel menagement.

Or again, with the recent developments in home automation technology, smart electromechanical locks have been developed. It can also be controlled remotely thanks to the smartphone.

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Materials and finishes: not just aesthetic

Once all the technical and mechanical questions have been exhausted, we can finally concentrate on the aesthetic and design of the armoured door. 

When looking for the best armoured door, the eye also wants its part.

However, in this phase, it is necessary too take into consideration some key factors. First of all, if the door will be installed inside a building or outside.

An armoured door installed outside a building being exposed to changes in weather and weather, it requires a durable coating that doesn’t require special attention, such as Laminam or aluminium panels.

If we have to install an armoured door from inside, we can choose any coating and we can also decide for simpler panels and with lower costs.

Finally, don’t forget that in addition the panels and accessories we can also insert in the armoured door glass components with various configurations that give brightness without affecting the safety, which is always guaranteed thanks to the use of bulletproof and shatterproof glass certified (UNI EN 1063 and UNI EN 356).

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Have you got an idea on how to choose the best armoured door? If it were not so, ask for a telephone advice or visit us on the head office. We are always happy to meet new people and undertake new projects!