Armoured door hinges [pt.1]: types and functioning

The hinge is a structural component of each armoured door that must be carefully considered

When we choose an armoured door there are some details which seem to be less important, but they actually play a crucial role, such as the hinges.

The hinge is the mechanism which allows the door to be engaged to the wall; it allows also the rotating movements of opening and closing. The hinge must be able to support the weight of the door, in order to ensure balance and stability; it gives also a fluid rotation without any effort.

We can propose the most traditional visible hinges as well as the concealed hinges, of which we are proud, especially for the Rondò system, an exclusive patent of Bauxt.


Visible hinges, ease and efficacy according to tradition

-Roll hinge

Perfect fitting

The time-tested Roll hinge, patented by Bauxt, is adjustable on three axes (height, width and depth) as well as diagonally to ensure perfect hanging of the door even in the toughest installation conditions and achieve the ideal performance with perfect aesthetic results.

The door can open up to 180 degrees and owns also lab-certified tensile strength at break of 1000kg per hinge.

-Basic hinge

Simple and effective

Basic hinge can be adjusted on 2 axes (height and width) and allows up to 180° opening of the door. Also in this case we can guarantee a 30 years of recorded historical usage of the product. Tensile strength at break of 500kg per hinge.


Concealed hinges, when innovation fosters aesthetic result

— Rondò hinge

A concealed innovation

Rondò hinges are our top quality hinges, a patent of which we are particularly proud; we apply them onto our award-winning armoured door Monolite RM (and Monolite).

Adjustable on three axes (height, width and depth), the Rondò system ensures the perfect flush fitting of the door while allowing a full 180° opening of the door. 180° opening of flush-fitted doors is important to prevent transferring the rotation torsion stresses onto frame, counterframe and ultimately to the wall, generating the undesired cracks on the plaster.

Lab-certified tensile strength at break of 550kg per hinge. Over 450,000 opening cycle, of which the last 100,000 in laboratory cold cell, with injections of liquid nitrogen at -195° C directly onto the hinges — without reaching breaking point.

— Plank hinge

Visible hinges that become a design element

Plank concealed hinges become a decorative element with a specially designed cover which remains visible when the door is closed. This hinge is adjustable on 3 axes (height, width and depth). Door opening up to 160 degrees.

— Cerniera Next

Nuovo design mantenendo qualità e facilità di montaggio

Le nuove cerniere a scomparsa Next sono state progettate per rinnovare la serie Superior, mantenendo qualità e alte prestazioni, oltre ad ingombri molto ristretti che ne permettono l’utilizzo anche in ristrutturazione. Next è la cerniera che rinnova un prodotto storico e affidabilissimo come Superior rendendolo attuale e adatto al presente dove la porta blindata è sempre più parte integrante dell’arredamento, e le cerniere a scomparsa iniziano ad essere protagoniste assolute, ormai quasi fondamentali per la nostra porta d’ingresso.

La registrabilità è consentita sui 2 assi (altezza e larghezza), e l’apertura massima della porta è fino a 100°.