Armoured doors handles and handle bars: types and finishes

Let’s find out together the features of the handles and handle bars of armoured doors

The handle: an «expected» object, but full of history and charm

Handles for armoured doors, but also for French windows and windows, are functional and aesthetical components that play an important role and which have always been the protagonist of research and experimentation and also of interesting philosophical reflections.

The term handle derives from the Latin word manicula, which means «small handful». The etymology therefore inextricably links the object to the hand and to the «prehensile» action that the limb makes on it.

This detail has always fascinated architects and designers, because the handle is the first physical contact we have with a building and also for the symbolic values that are conferred to it.

The handles have been historically designed following the trends of artistic movements and the tastes of customers and artisans, both in the lines and in the materials. Wood, iron, brass, steel, glass, ceramics: the list is really long.

For designers, the handle is like a precious accessory which completes a dress, sometimes a sort of unmistakable «signature». Just think, for example, about the magnificent handles in Gaudì’s houses in Barcelona, made with meticulous precision by expert artisans. In 1923 the genius Walter Gropius conceived the first cylindrical handle, to be expected for the contemporary concept of the industrial handle.


Handles types

  • Handles and knobs

Handles and knobs are the most commonly applied for leaf doors.

They are installed parallel to the floor and by rotating them the mechanisms of opening and closing are activated.

  • Fixed handle bars and anti-panic bars

The handle bars can be fixed or anti-panic. The fixed handle bars can be applied vertically or horizontally, depending on the needs and tastes, and have only the purpose of grabbing the door in order to open or close it.

The anti-panic bars, on the other hand, are always applied horizontally and are also provided with the locking and unlocking mechanism of the door.

  • Concealed handles

An almost recent design, the concealed handles are applied mainly in sliding doors, where the amount of space of the traditional handles would not allow the sliding of the door in the appropriate housing on the wall.

  • Knockers

This type of handles gives importance, austerity and even a touch of vintage to the entrance door. The choice to apply knockers to armoured doors must be carefully taken into consideration according to the style and the aesthetics of the building.


Handles for Bauxt armoured doors: ergonomics and design

As we already mentioned, the handles have always fascinated architects and designers, and even for Bauxt the importance and fascination of this element are of main interest.

The handle or the handle bar of an armoured door must complete it, refine it and capture the attention, but obviously also ensure a perfect operation.

In our catalog you can find a wide range of handles, knobs, handle bars and knockers which can be combined with defender roses, defender and viewers, always in accordance with the unique Bauxt style.

Even materials and finishes vary, thus we will be there for you in to advise you at the best, keeping in mind the door model, the features of your property and your specific needs, creating customized unique solutions. In steel, Corten, brass, bronze, with glossy or satin finishes; we will choose together the perfect handle which will be the ideal welcome for all your guests.