Can we manage security and home comfort together?

Thermal and noise insulation is fundamental in order to ensure security, for a home comfort which could achieve wellness and energy saving


Solidity, strength, impenetrability, these are the first words that come to mind when we think of armoured doors because they are the essential features we expect from a security door.

But certainly, the comfort living is not less important!

There are many external agents that a door must face and from which it must protect us, which have a main role in everyday life comfort, but also on bills.

As a matter of fact, we think about the importance that noise or thermal insulation can have, not only on the life quality, but also on energy saving; without forgetting the hateful drafts, or even worse, the water infiltrations.

In Bauxt, ensuring comfort and domestic wellness is as fundamental as guaranteeing safety, because our life quality depends on them. This is why we are constantly working hard to find avant-garde solutions for thermal, noise or wind insulation. Here below you can find a list of solutions and technologies that Bauxt offers to ensure customers the maximum tranquility, even in the field of insulation.


Noise insulation

Noise insulation is a fundamental requirement for an entrance door facing a noisy street or the common stairwell of an apartment building. Bauxt believes that it is something more than that as well. We believe that freedom from unwanted noise is a right of our customers. Bauxt armoured doors have excellent acoustic performance, which may be further enhanced to 45 dB RW using specific insulation kits available for the different configurations and models.


Thermal comfort

Bauxt technology limits heat loss and provides the correct insulation to ensure maximum comfort and reduce energy consumption. Bauxt Thermal Kits easily provide insulation levels of up to 1.6 W/m2K on a number of models, while our Superior model (Kit Zero) offers up to 0.6 W/m2K.consumption. The Bauxt thermal kits allow you to easily reach the threshold of 1.6 W / m²K on numerous models and go up to 0.6 W / m²K in the Superior model (with Kit Zero).


Stop draft

Air tightness is the product’s ability to stop drafts, limit heat losses and reduce noise. Bauxt offers a number of specific dedicated kits that, based on the model, are able to reach level 4, the maximum level attainable.


Wind resistance

Wind load resistance measures the deformation of the door leaf and, consequently, its rigidity and strength. Wind load resistance is classified using a number from 1 (worst) to 5 (best) and a letter indicating the extent of the deformation under load, from A (worst deformation) to C (minimal deformation). Bauxt armoured doors can reach classification 5C, the best performance classified by the Standard.


Water barrier

Water tightness requires a high level of technical expertise. It is expressed by the letters npd (when no performance has been determined) or by a number from 1 up to 9 followed by a letter (A – unshielded and B – shielded). To understand the importance of this parameter, one must consider that in order to reach the lower class 1 (A or B), the product must prevent the passage of any drop of water for at least 15 minutes. Higher classes are achieved by retaining water tightness at ever increasing test pressures. When exposure to

the elements is especially severe, our Sigillo tightness kit provides a water tightness level class 7A, equivalent a 300 Pa test pressure under fully exposed unshielded test methodology on the Grand Superior, Elite and Superior doorset models.