Armoured gratings, a steel barrier to protect your home

In Bauxt we produce steel armored gratings certified to burglar resistance classes 3 and 4 for safer homes and protected stores

Le inferriate sono ancora uno dei metodi antieffrazione più efficaci

Installing gratings to doors and windows may seem to be old and outdated, but the truth is that nowadays the grating remains one of the most effective anti-burglary methods, thanks to its ability to block completely the access to internal properties.

Obviously, the installation of these devices is not always essential, but there are situations in which it is definitely recommended. For example, for homes with access from the ground floor and basement floors or even for homes that overlook common areas such as inner courtyards. The same is also true for very isolated homes, second homes and holiday homes that are uninhabited for long periods.

We remind also that the tendency is often to focus a lot on the protection of the entry door, instead of the windows: this is a levity mistake since the statistics tell us that the burglary attempts with the greater percentage of success are those concerning the windows.


How to choose gratings: fixed or opening version?

The gratings can have either fixed or opening version. The fixed gratings, as the name suggests, once installed do not allow the passage.

Usually you choose to install them on small windows that are not accessible, such as in bathrooms or in basements, or even in skylights of attics. They are also installed on secondary doors of shops or warehouses that are rarely used.

More often we install opening gratings, that is to say that they can be opened and closed when necessary.


The Lumen burglar-resistant gratings by Bauxt

Lumen gratings (armoured gratings) are the right solution to secure windows, French windows and service access doors of homes, offices, commercial premises and shops. They feature a strong steel construction, enhanced by a number. Lumen gratings are much more than a deterrent. They are an active protection solution against intrusion attempts and, following the same classification of armoured doors – that you can deepen in this article – (Standard UNI EN 1627:2011), are available in Class 3 (resistant to crowbars, saws, etc.) and in Class 4 (resistance to drills, axe, hack saw).


One grate is worth the other … or maybe not!

A grating is just a grating! For us absolutely not. The fact that this is a simple device does not mean that it cannot be improved and elevated, through deepen study and research.

Time after time Bauxt has developed solutions that allow us to offer an improved and innovative safety device, which you will not find at our competitors or locksmiths.

First of all our products are certified and their value is officially certified according to the regulations in effect.

We have also introduced components that improve performances, such as:

  • Anti-cut inserts
  • Anti-cut mixed intrusion prevention bars
  • Locking rods with anti-cut tips (opening versions)
  • Anti-cut steel hinge pins
  • Additional folds with anti-cut inserts (opening versions)
  • Anti-cut additional folds pins (opening versions)

Many versions and customizations to make them unique

Bauxt gratings are available in a variety of configurations and sizes, from a basic fixed version to single or double leaf opening versions for windows, French windows and patio doors. Their reduced overall depth (only 30 mm) makes them ideal to be used with thinner walls (the correct maintenance and cleaning of the product must be always provided). They are suitable for outdoor installations, even in the more severe climates  Based on the specific configuration selected, friezes, decorations and inserts (even customer-designed if required) may be added to the bars within a specific 100 mm area designed for this purpose.