In the heart of an Armoured Door: how do the Locks work

Cylinder, electromechanical, anti-panic or trap: when we talk about locks, Bauxt applies avant-garde mechanisms in order to guarantee the top level of security.

Why don’t we use multilevel locks?

In Bauxt there are different types of locks, depending on the property and the customer requirements.

Just a few time ago we were used to install the so called multilevel locks. But even if the security methods are evolving, the same thing happens with the burglars techniques so that these type of locks became obsolete and too easy to sabotage.

For this reason you will never find a Bauxt armoured door with this lock.

Cylinder lock: silent, practical, universal

Instead of the multilevel locks Bauxt chose to apply the cylinder locks in their “gear” version, which have several advantages (if compared to the “throw” version, usually applied by most of producers):

● silent operation

● smooth and minimum effort to operate

● shorter size of key, this make them practical and manageable

● allow the configuration of complex rule-based access systems (in other words the possibility to use a unique key to access several entrances)

● have a further protection on the outside called defender

Lock types

Single cylinder lock

Steel lock case, with reversible galvanized latch and high strength galvanized steel bolts. Features as per EN 12209 (“GRADE 7”; Security and drill resistance – where grade 1 is minimum security and no resistance to drilling while grade 7 identifies a very high level of security and drill resistance).

Double cylinder lock

Steel lock case, with reversible galvanized latch and high strength galvanized steel bolts. With daisy chain block fitted as standard: the second throw of the upper cylinder prevents the operation of the lower cylinder, this allows the owner to permit or to block the access to the people who have the service keys.

Features as per EN 12209: (“GRADE 7”).

Electromechanical lock

With electromechanical locks the convenience is at home. This lock allows to open the door through smartphone, in order to avoid taking with us the bulky bunch of keys. The lock can be activated also through RFID, numeric keypad and fingerprint reader, or third party devices interfacing with Bauxt armoured doorset.

This lock is available in two versions:

Easy: Does not require a mechanical key to open the door, which is however available for emergency use. The key tag opens the door with the lock using the tag reader installed on the door. It can be opened remotely using keypads, biometric readers, etc.

Smart: ideal for easy management of permissions and access control using the “ARGO” smartphone app developed for this type of locks. High security levels thanks to latest-generation encryption protocols. In addition the SMART SINGLE ACTION version allows you to totally release all bolts in a single movement (retracting the throws with the door closed). This allows the user inside the property to open quickly the door by simply pressing the handle.

Features as per EN 14846.

Anti-panic lock

The anti-panic lock is linked to the panic bar. If the panic bar is pressed, the throws are fully released even when the door is securely locked.

Features as per EN 12209: (“GRADE 7”).

Trap lock

This lock features an irreversible block system that activates in the event of forced extraction of the cylinder. In case of blockage following an intrusion attempt, the door may be opened only by professionally forcing the lock. The lock will have to be replaced.

Features as per EN 12209: (“GRADE 7”).


And you? Which lock will you choose?

We cannot stop talking about armoured doors this way: every property has its own particular features which have to be analyzed and combined one by one. Furthermore we must consider every customer requirements in order to match at best them with security, functionality and convenience.

For this reason is important to get an idea reading articles like this, after that is crucial to contact armoured door specialists like Bauxt, in order to analyze together with the armoured door experts and to choose carefully the lock which satisfies our needs at best.