Armoured door hinges [pt. 2]: comfort, home wellness and aesthetic result

From the noise insulation to the thermal comfort, a hinge can affect the whole home


On article Armoured door hinges [pt.1]: types and functioning we came across an overview of types and functioning of armoured door hinges. We mentioned the fundamental role of these structural components, but we believe is important to underline some other aspects, which are often not taken into consideration.


Comfort on fluid movements without any efforts

As already mentioned, one of the roles of the hinge is to ensure the fluid opening and closing without any efforts. An armoured door is certainly solid and very heavy, but not for this reason its daily use has to be hard. On the contrary, because of its role of home security and protection, comfortable usage is essential.


Home wellness balance, thermal comfort and noise insulation

Often we do not find interesting to point out the importance of having a perfect hinge functioning and its affections on home wellness.

For example, we can choose an armoured door which is adjustable on three axes (height, width and depth) instead of one adjustable on two axes (depth and height). This allows us to reach the resistance level (noise insulation and air/water/wind resistance) obtained in laboratory and furthermore to have an optimal closing in difficult circumstances, even during a restoration.

In other words: the adjustment could really affect our wellness? How much does a three axes hinge affect the achievement of the desired home comfort?

Both external and internal armoured doors of an apartment building have the advantage of a better noise insulation, reducing external noise and a better thermal comfort, with a remarkable decreasing of annoying drafts (and/or smells coming from the stairwell of the apartment building).


Finishing and customization to make every project special

Even if the hinge is a discrete, often intentionally hidden, component it does not mean it cannot be aesthetically planned to the last detail.

In Bauxt every project is unique and the attention to details is essential.

Even the most traditional hinge can be customized along with the frame, painted with the same color as the leaf, for a perfect uniformity, or in stark contrast, to frame the armoured door as if it was a work of art, creating an aesthetically unique result.

The hinge combination, that is the side on the leaf and the one on the frame, is painted together with the frame, choosing a wide range of colours (RAL, Sikkens, etc.).

The only exception is the Basic model, which hinges are covered with plastic caps, depending on the colour of the frame, white or brown.

Not only strength and resistance: the entrance door is in some way the business card of a house; it is important that the aesthetic appearance reflects the style and the taste of its owners in every single detail.