Customization and finishes to make every door unique

Every project is special for Bauxt: We provide a huge variety of customizations and finishes to reach every requirements.

The Bauxt armoured doors are unique. Every project is special for us, an opportunity and a challenge at the same time.

The door is an essential element of every building: it represents the access point to the private space that contains and protects it. So each armoured door must ensure defence and protection to the building and to the people, but it must also merge with the architectural style and with the aesthetic sense of the customers.

Every meeting with customers is an experience that enriches them and the responsible for the project, because it is only through the sharing of ideas and skills that we can grow and achieve excellent results.

That’s why we offer our customers a wide choice of materials, colours, configurations and finishes to allow everyone to have not “an” armoured door, but “his” armoured door.

Below is a list of the finishes we propose to illustrate the various possibilities and maybe give you a little inspiration.

  • Glossy and matte varnished glass (in various neutral colours from white to turtledove, to silt or RAL of choice): return a bright and three-dimensional effect as well as a fantastic material effect to the touch.
  • Laminam Collection (usually called gres) with a wide range of choices: line Collection, line Oxide, line Focos, line “I Naturali”… in various declinations of colours and effects.
  • Acrylic resins: for a perfect and invariable yield over time (it is the same material that is used for the kitchen tops as it is very resistant)
  • Corten: increasingly used by contemporary architecture, this treatment makes each piece inimitable, given that the texture of the final result is always different.
  • Waxed black steel panel: for an elegant and refined aesthetic result
  • Burnished brass: with a romantic antique effect
  • Eco-leather: guarantees a very pleasant visual and tactile softness
  • Vinyl fabric: also in this case a very pleasant material effect of intertwined threads that heats and makes every door unique
  • Wood: the undisputed protagonist in this infinite essences and workings , it is really difficult not to love it. It can be engraved, pantographed, painted… The only real limit is imagination!
  • Glossy and matte lacquers: usable only for indoor use

In addition to these finishes you can think of glass inserts (of which we have spoken to you extensively in this article), and evaluate the installation of the security gratings (that you can examine in depth more here).

We also offer wood or lacquered panels variously worked, they are also composed of several materials. They can be scored, engraved or in particular variants Time (panels in veneered plywood or lacquered with insertion of aluminium details), Strip (panels in veneered plywood or lacquered with one or more steel bands), Quadra (lacquered mdf or veneered plywood panel with a square handle fixed in combination), to continue with a long list of pantografed, raised, inlaid, brushed working and much more to reach every requirements.

Listing here the endless possibilities in detail would be very difficult. If you want to discover in detail all our proposals, you can download our catalogue in the appropriate section.

We hope you found this short article interesting and to have made you curious about the innumerable finishes available to make really  “your” armoured door you choose. And always keep in mind that we are always available and enthusiast to read your messages or to receive you for personal consultation, so we wait you!